Julie Carman

Julie and the no-good, terrible, very bad day.

Julie CarmanOne of the dearest people we know, Julie Carman, shown here with her typical pleasant smile, was in a terrible car accident back in November of 2011, in which her neck was actually broken.  Since that time, she has had several surgeries which have left her patched up, alive and in amazingly good spirits for someone who has gone through such a trauma.  Feeling is slowly returning to her arms, though not yet to her hands. She was in rehab in St Louis for a couple of months, and has now gone back to Illinois to continue her recovery.

Childgrove dancers at Julie Carman benefit Jan 28, 2012Benefit Concert for Julie

On January 28, 2012, there was a benefit at the Carbondale Elks Lodge which featured musical performances by fabulous local talent, including Wil Maring, the Natives and Rog and Bob.  Tasty morsels were provided by Cristaudo's and by attendees. There was a silent auction and a quilt raffle. A good time was had by all.

Here is a note from Karen Jackson, who has been visiting Julie regularly:

Julie continues to make progress in learning to use the muscles she can currently control. She's getting great at using a stylus, or other attachments, to email, text and call folks, as well as to feed herself, work the wheel chair controls, and brush her teeth. She's also driving the wheelchair like a pro.

As you may or may not know, Julie had no health insurance, and the woman that hit her had minimum coverage, which barely made a dent in the bills.

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Best wishes for you and yours in the New Year!
Karen Jackson
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