Calling Parties

From about 2007-2017, dancers gathered at Bob and Martha's house almost every Wednesday for a wonderful, fun "Calling Party." The every-Wednesday-ness of the the Calling Parties has now been discontinued, though occasional ones may very well be scheduled.

If one is scheduled at Bob and Martha's house, it will be at 433 Marford Drive, Creve Coeur, MO.   If one is scheduled elsewhere, we'll let you know where. And when.

Usually it's nice to bring a snack or drinks to share if it's easy, though such tidbits are usually provided by the host.

What's a Calling Party?

fiddler at Calling PartyWhat's a Calling Party? Well, people show up, and, when there are four or more, start lining up for a contra dance (or an English dance — it's an open-minded group) and begin dancing. Sometimes it's the first time through a dance for one of the callers and time is spent figuring out how the dance goes, and sometimes, it's the last time through the dance before the caller takes it "live" and there's just the fun of dancing.

You don't have to be a caller to come. Callers need dancers to practice on. New dancers are especially welcome. We dance, we talk, and yes, there is wine involved.

Dan and Karens 12 2009 smWe are learning to call several different kinds of dances from the "set dance" tradition (dancing in groups or sets, rather than in couples or by yourself). Most of the dances are modern American contra dances, but we also call some square dances, Playford-era (1600-1800 AD) English Country Dances, modern English Country Dances, Colonial-era American contra dances, and some early-mid- 20th-century New England "Chestnut" dances.

Dance writers! Calling Parties offer you the opportunity to try out your new dances with real people. Find out immediately if that new cool move is a Hit or a Miss! Many fine dance writers have emerged in Missouri, and some of them got their start at Calling Parties. People from all over the country send us dances to try - sometimes they even Skype in and call their dances themselves over the Internet.

People who called at Calling Parties from 2007-2017

  • Brenda Appleby
  • Eric Black ‡
  • Billy Boyer ‡
  • Larry Boyer ‡
  • Deni Bouillon
  • Lynnae Brumbaugh
  • Chrissy Chapman
  • Bill Coalson
  • John Coffman ‡
  • Kathy Coffman ‡
  • Chloe Dunaway †
  • Martha Edwards ‡
  • Mariah Fabry †
  • Joe Felsen *
  • Chrystal Gallaci Jones ‡
  • Bob Green ‡☁
  • Jerome Grisanti ‡
  • Kimberly Hall ‡
  • Bruce Hamilton ‡
  • Jim Hemphill ‡
  • Dan Higgins*
  • Adam Hinton ‡
  • Colin Hume ‡
  • Karen Jackson ‡
  • Ann Jenneman ‡
  • Ken Johnson
  • Allison Jonjak †
  • Sarah Kaiser‡
  • David Keller †
  • Kent Koeninger *
  • Jan Marra *
  • Mac McKeever ‡
  • Dave Morse ‡
  • Jo Mortland ‡☁
  • Andrea Nettleton ‡☁
  • Carol Ormond ‡☁
  • Karen Opp
  • Wade Pearson ‡
  • Lauren Peckman ‡
  • Missy Reisenleiter ‡
  • Stephanie Sappington
  • Eric Schreiber ‡
  • Diane Silver ‡☁
  • Ted Steele ‡
  • Kay Tomlinson †
  • Nate Tripp ‡
  • Keith Tuxhorn ‡
  • Dale Wilson ‡
  • Valerie Young ‡


*Hatchling (has called at least one dance in public)
†Fledgling (called a third to half a dance evening)
‡Caller (called a full dance evening)
☁Skyped in from the cloud

*The Calling Party blog: see We haven't kept it up as well as we used to once many of us started enjoying Facebook, but it has some great stories, and a lot of useful discussion.