Mariah Fabry's Dances

Birdsong by Mariah Fabry (2012) contra improper

A1 Circle balance, Neighbor star thru and Swing

A2 Left hands across star, 4 places
     Ladies allamande left 1 1/2, gents drop out (whistle and preen their feathers, cast or loop around to meet their lady birds)

     Ladies allamande left 1 1/2, gents drop out (whistle and preen their feathers, cast or loop around to meet their lady birds)

B1 Find your partner, Balance and Swing

B2 Circle left 3 places
     Circle balance, 1's arch, 2's dive.  New neighbors...

To END: Circle left 4 places, Swing your partner one last time.

Becket Brigade & There's a Hole in the Becket by Mariah Fabry  (no-walk-thru medley with Jim Hemphill) Becket contra, 2012

A1  Circle Left 3 places, pass thru to next neighbor

A2  Neighbor Balance  and Swing

B1 Long lines forward and back
     Ladies Do-si-do 1 1/2

B2 Partner Balance and Swing

new caller: "Listen up."  

(There's a Hole in the Becket)

A1  Circle left 4 places,
       Slide left, Ladies Chain,

A2   Ladies start Half a Hey.
       Neighbor Swing.

 B1  Right and Left Thru
       Ladies Alamande Right, 1 1/2

 B2  Partner Balance and Swing

    (  Same neighbors, Circle left 4.)

 Crazy For Cape Contra    by Mariah Fabry and Jim Hemphill  contra improper

A1 Neighbor balance and swing

A2 Circle left 3 and step to a wave
     Balance forward and back, step forward

B1 Shadow allemande right once around
      Partner swing

B2 balance in a circle and petranella twirl
     Balance the circle, 1's arch 2's dive r 

Dance the Love  by Mariah Fabry (2012)  Becket Contra

"It never hurts anybody to be told they are loved.  If you can't say it, write it.  If you can't write it, DANCE IT." --Leo Buscaglia

A1 Partner,  Balance and swing

A2 Circle balance, wrap arms up and around each other for a Basket swing, left, once around.

B1 With partner, push back (or butterfly whirl) to slide left, circle left 3 places.
     Neighbor swing

B2  Ladies chain, courtesy turn, roll her away with 1/2 sashay.
      Circle balance, Double back dip*

*While continueing to keep holding hands 4, gents raise left hands with partner, ladies roll in to dip, then roll back out.  Drop hands with other couple...) Plan to do a demo of Double-back Dip.

Always Touching by Mariah Fabry (2012) for Greg Rohde.  (Childgrove Cuddle) becket contra

Choose a partner you never want to let go of, for in this dance you're "Always Touching." 

A1  Star left 3 places
      Ladies roll back (over right shoulder, scoop their guy and ) Butterfly Whirl (on side of set)

A2  Circle left, 3 places
     Circle balance, roll the gents across to change places.

B1 Circle balance, roll the ladies across  to change places.
     Circle balance, California twirl

B2 Slide to the side (of the set with your partner.)


Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Sarsaparilla   improper   by Mariah Fabry 

A1 Ladies (wenches) Hook Right elbows turn 1 1/2
     Scoop your partner, star promenade and butterfly whirl
A2 Gents hook left elbows, turn 1 1/2
     Neighbor swing
B1 Circle left 3
     Partner swing
B2 Ladies chain
     Star left once around

Temperance is still in effect at the Monday club, even for us pirates. 

Kiwi Cavort  Becket  by Mariah Fabry


A1 Slice left to new neighbors and push straight back
     Right left thru to a short wavy line*
A2 Balance right and  left, centers slide right
     Neighbor swing
B1 Star left
     Circle left
B2 Balance the circle, ladies pull your partner over and swing

*Keep left hands with partner, ladies join rights in center

Written for our friend Karen Christmas a New Zealand native