Dancing at the Monday Club Jan 1, 2012
video by Mac McKeever

Photos and Videos

Please enjoy the photos and videos you find here. We've tried to put together a representative sample of the places we dance, and the events we attend, but there is, of course, an explosion of images available to you on Facebook and YouTube.  Dancers make liberal use of social media just to remember with whom they just danced last weekend, so if you're wanting to find out more about us - nationwide - we recommend looking for us there as well as here.

The Childgrove Dance Video Archive now has over 300 videos on it, and counting, and has garnered over 990,000 views!  Be sure also to check out the page of MO DANCES, which includes videos of many of the dances written by local dancers. 

Here are some pictures from before 2010.  These are on our "old" web site - use your back button to get back here, or click on the home page button on that page to get to the home page of this (new) site. 

If you have added photos or videos to the web, let us know!  Send the link through Childgrove Discussions or to Martha or Mac, or almost anyone who contradances. Eventually we'll find out and get the link on this page.

Here's a video from our Kimmswick Dance Weekend, shot by Mac McKeever





Here's a video from the Childgrove Country Dancers Kimmswick Dance Weekend in May of 2011 at the Cuivre River State Park. The band is Big Limber String Band - Jim Nelson (guitar), Kim Lansford (keyboard), Jim Lansford (fiddle), and Dedo Norris (guitar)] The calling is by Kathy Coffman; the dance is The Big Chit Chat by John Coffman.





Here's a video from the Childgrove Country Dancers dance in March of 2011 at the Monday Club. Special effects make it look a lot older than that. Be sure to watch this one. The playing is great!





Here's a video from the Childgrove Country Dancers' New Year's Eve, 2010 dance at the Monday Club.





Here's a video from Dan Klarmann, of the Kimmswick 2009 Dance Weekend.





Here's a video from a special dance with Great Bear Trio in May of 2009.