Jam Band Tune pdfs 

Mahler Cotillion

July 31, 2014

Black Nag

Blind Beggar

Blue Danube Waltz v1

Blue Danube Waltz v2

Bonnets So Blue

Come Let's Be Merry

Dance of a Lifetime

Flop-Eared Mule

Forked Deer

Girl I Left Behind Me

Kentucky Set Running


Jenny Lind Polka

Salty Dog Rag in D

School Days (Waltz)

Scotland the Brave

Teddy Bear's Picnic



Zampa Quadrille

Tunes for 3/21/2014

Candles in the Dark
Money Musk

Tunes for 9/12/2013

Easy Tunes (pdf)

Challenge Tunes (pdf)

Tunes for St Charles Dances in Jan/Feb

Tunes for Dr. Ramsay's Dances

Revised Salty Dog Rag (in D)

Levi Jackson Rag 

Tunes for 9/19/2013

Easy Tunes from Barnes (pdf)
You can buy the books here.

Tunes for Yuletide Ball 12/20/2013

Black Nag, Elverton Grove, the Molly Andrew

Knives and Forks, Saint Louis

Potential Yuletide Ball tunes

Twas on a Night Like This

The Introduction

PDFs of Tunes for Family Dance

Tunes for June 7, 2014

Tunes for June 7, 2014

Tune for May 3, 2014

Tunes for April 5, 2014

Tunes for Feb/Mar

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  • Galopede
  • Jenny Lind
    (Heel and Toe Polka)
  • La Bastringue
  • Sasha
  • Spanish Waltz
  • Virginia Reel