English Jam Tunes - sound files

English Raspberry Jam

Louisville ECD Feb 1, 2015

The tunes here are just one time through - bare, unadorned fiddle.  Hope it helps a bit.

Jovial Beggars Honeysuckle Cottage
Softly Good Tummas Hartburn Village (Constantine...)
Middle of Night (Prince...) Shandy Hall
Jubilation  Young Widow
Key to the Cellar Potter's Wheel

Mahler Cotillion

We've been invited to play for a Fancy Dress Ball at the end of July. Here are some sound files of the tunes for the Mahler Ball up for listening. 

Black Nag-Easy

Black Nag

Blind Beggar Minuetto

Blue Danube Waltz v2

Bonnets So Blue

Come Let's Be Merry

Dance of a Lifetime

Grand March

Grapevine Twist

Kentucky Set Running

Polka: Redwing


Jenny Lind Polka

Salty Dog Rag in D

School Days (Waltz)

Scotland the Brave



Zampa Quadrille

Family Dance

Here are some mp4s of the Tunes we are preparing for the Family Dance:


la Bastringue (slower)

la Bastringue (faster)

Haste to the Wedding

Irish Washerwoman

Jenny Lind Polka


Snake River Reel


Spanish Waltz

Miss Moore's Rant

Opera Reel

Circassion Circle

Fisher's Hornpipe

Grand March

Girl I Left Behind Me
Light Cavalry Overture

St Charles Homeschool English Dance

Here are some mp4s of the Tunes we prepared for the St Charles dance series:

Arnold's Circle

Blaydon Races

Blind Beggar Minuetto

Bonnets So Blue

Circassion Circle

Come Up the Back Stairs

Cumberland Square 8

Fiddle Hill

Jubilee Roundabout (Jimmy Allen)

Oslo Waltz - Williels Drowned in Yarrow


Parson's Farewell

Portland Fancy

Postie's Jig

Salty Dog Rag

Salty Dog Rag in D - NEW!

Washington's Quickstep - Lady in the Boat

Weaving - Vaeve Vadmel