David Keller (2nd from R) with dancers at Chance Dance

David Keller (2nd from R) with dancers at Chance Dance

David Keller (1946-2015)

Our dear fellow dancer, David Keller, passed away on March 30, 2015 in his home in Ballwin, MO. David was a tireless helper at our dances, "Mr. Lost-and-Found" to everyone who ever left something behind at a dance and happily found that David had rescued it. He was the guy who came early and stayed late, helping the sound crew, checking the Monday Club for stray bottles and jackets left in the hall, helping get tables and chairs put in the right places, and making sure the floor was swept. He performed similarly invisible-but-critically-important work at our dance weekend, Kimmswick, checking all the cabins for cleanliness both before and after the weekend and lending a hand wherever it was needed. Without David, nothing would have worked as smoothly as it did.

Many dancers commented on his sweet kindness as a dancer, and a few lucky ones were treated to his killer dry humor. David joined the current generation of callers in St Louis, from the very formation of the "Hatchling" group in 2007, and called at every Hatchling Dance, and later at nearly every Callers Choice dance, for seven years, 2007-2014. He was a regular at the Calling Parties and was always among the first to "get" the crazy moves our choreographers liked to try out on us.

He was a truly valuable member of our community, and we will miss him!

His obituary is here:

David had been a member of the US Army, and we agreed that he would have loved the fact that we decided to make a donation in his name to Dancing Well, the Soldier Project, which helps soldiers with brain trauma or PTSD regain a measure of health and social interaction through contra dancing.  Thanks to the generosity of members of our dance community we were able to make a contribution of $580 to the project.

Dance written in 2011 in David's honor by John Coffman

David's Daily Double by John Coffman        7/11, Revised 12/11   Duple, Improper

A1     Neighbor Allemande Right 1 1/2 (8),   1/2 Hey {Men pass LEFT shoulders to start} (8)

A2     Neighbor Balance and Swing (16)

B1     Circle Left 3/4 (8),   Partner Swing (16)

B2     Ladies Chain (8), Balance the Ring (4), Cross Trails Through (4). Meet new neighbors to start the dance over.

Alternate A2: Neighbor Gypsy and Swing (16)

Notes: The Cross Trails Through is achieved when all dancers pass their partner (across the set) by right shoulders to move to their original side.  The Neighbor Lady turns to her individual left 90 degrees to face her next neighbor WHILE that same lady's neighbor man turns to his individual right 90 degrees to face his next neighbor.  During the Cross Trails Through, the lady always turns in front of the man.