High Tea - Who is Coming

This is the list of folks who have signed up as of April 15, 2018.  If you have signed up and don't see your name, or if you want a different name on your badge, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are so looking forward to seeing you all!

Benjamin – Galena, MO

Bob – Creve Coeur, MO

Cameron – Oklahoma City, OK

Daniel – Galena, MO

Darcy – Madison, TN

Don – St Louis, MO

Fred – Celo, NC

Gene – New York City, NY

Greg – Oklahoma City,OK

Hannah – Galena, MO

Jeanne - St Louis, MO

Jeff – Colorado Springs, CO

Jill – St Louis, MO

Joan – Ozark, MO

Jonathan – Champaign, IL

Kathy – Oklahoma City, OK

Kathy – St Louis, MO

Liz – Granite City, IL

Maggie – Galena, MO


Mark – St Louis, MO

Martha - St Louis, MO

Martine – Kansas City, MO

Mary – St Louis, MO

Matthew – Galena, MO

Melodie – St Louis, MO

Miranda – Oklahoma City, OK

Missy – St Louis, MO

Nathaniel – Galena, MO

Nick – Louisville, KY

Norm – Galena, MO

Peggy – Louisville, KY

Rebeka – Oklahoma City, OK

Rich – St Louis, MO

Susan – Brentwood, TN

Steve – St Louis, MO

Tom – St Louis, MO

Tom – Madison, TN

Trish – Galena, MO