Callers and Bands


Callers for MMISL 2017

Lindsey Dono Lindsey Dono

When Massachusetts transplant Lindsey Dono moved to the Northwest, she rapidly established herself as mainstay. With serene instruction, meticulous programming, and sunny demeanor, she transforms newcomers into avid regulars. A dancer for more than twenty years, Lindsey incorporates her knowledge of waltz, lindy hop, blues, jazz, and ballet to lead a variety of workshops. At last count, she had more than fifty swing variations in her repertoire!

Off the dance floor, Lindsey can be found practicing archery, crewing on a racing yacht, or excitedly chattering about science. You can check out her publications on PubMed.

Lauren Peckman

Lauren Peckman

Lauren Peckman began her workshop career at Kimmswick 2011. She's been teaching and calling at major dance events from Austin, TX to Washington, D.C. (and everywhere in between) ever since. Thanks, St. Louis!




Bands for MMISL 2017

Mean Lids

Mean Lids

The Mean Lids are only as mean as they need to be to keep the grit in their tones and the edge on their tunes, and they are never seen without their signature cranial apparel. Spot them by their hats, their long lonesome sounds, and the @$$ kicking "chin-cello" grooves emanating from their mean, mean fiddle fingers.

Matt Turino, guitar, fiddle, feet

Matt has been playing music since he was born. He started dancing a month before that. He has performed so many shows with so many groups that you wouldn't be able to list them all in one breath. In addition to driving the heart of the Lids he also owns a house, builds stuff, and eats his vegetables.

Miriam Larson, flute, jaw-harp

Miriam brings smooth, sweet sounds and pulsing jaw-harp beats to the mix. An artist, a burgeoning librarian, a former union president, Miriam's signature haunting waltzes and twisted tunes fill every Lids show. She is also a school librarian in Champaign and an avid historian of the Rational Dress Society (formed in England in 1871, in part to advocate for rational bicycling clothes).

Ben Smith, fiddle and octave fiddle

Ben has been playing dances and dancing dances since he was just a wee laddie. Ben has played his characteristic black fiddle with many bands, across many genres, including bluegrass, swing, old-time, Irish, jug-band, Cajun, country, western, rock, and classical. He is also a father, computer programmer, and kite flyer.

Roger Netherton and Bill Boyer

We liked them so much last year that we're having them back. If you were there, you know what we mean...

Here's a video of Billy and Roger tearing it up.

Roger NethertonRoger Netherton, fiddle

Roger became interested in playing fiddle when he first heard it when he was 11 years old. He came home and started playing the tunes he heard, teaching himself until he found the local old-time community a couple of years later.  He immediately showed a rare talent for traditional music and quickly mastered the instrument.  In just a couple years he was competing and often winning open fiddle competitions (even though he was eligible for the junior division, he chose to compete against some of the finest adult players).

More recently, Roger has also taken up dancing and uses that experience to modify his playing to support what is happening in the dance – adding excitement to the dancers' experience.  Roger is now a student at University of Missouri in Columbia majoring in math and physics. in 2015 he spent a semester studying in Japan where his musical talent was already known, and local players quickly sought out Roger to play with them.

Billy BoyerBill Boyer, keyboard

Bill Boyer obtained his Bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University, where he majored in piano performance.  After college, he taught high school music and choir for 4 years.  Now Bill teaches piano almost full time - classical, jazz, pop, spiritual, sight reading, playing by ear, improv, chord progression, theory, and more. He founded a very successful Youth Contra at Childgrove that lasted until he left to teach in Illinois, and we're so glad to have him back - both on the dance floor and on the stage!

Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus band2Wild Rumpus is Changeling (Deborah Clark Colón (fiddle, vocals) and Karl Clark Colón (guitar, vocals, shouting) plus Bobby Douglas (drums, percussion, vocals).  Between them they have played for dancers for over fifty years, and they know what you want in a dance. Something with the timeless beauty of tradition, with the pulse-pounding rhythms that remind you that you are alive now. Mad beats for dancers’ feet. Let your feet fly, your heart sigh, and melt into the energy.

- Deborah Clark Colón (fiddle, vocals),
- Bobby Douglas (drums, percussion, vocals)
- Karl Clark Colón (guitar, vocals, shouting)

Deborah Colon

Deborah Clark Colón (fiddle, viola)

Deborah's skill and emotional depth have earned her national recognition in Irish and Scottish circles for her fiddling on blistering reels, playful jigs and heartbreaking airs. She has been recording and performing professionally for over ten years, from Chicago and New York to the Bahamas. Her tremendous energy and presence in the music keep her in demand as a performer, studio musician and teacher. Deborah contributed outrageous fiddling to the three new tracks on Gaelic Storm's Billboard World-Music Charting Album (#2!) Special Reserve, adding her to the list of traditional Irish fiddlers to record on Nashville's Music Row.

Deborah is also  a prolific composer of tunes, including "Blue Ash," "The Thirtieth Year," and the notorious "Pizza Reel".

Karl Colon

Karl Clark Colón (guitar, vocals, odd stories)

Changeling guitarist and singer Karl Clark Colón is the perfect Celt: a delicate cross between a scholarly monk and a professional wrestler. One moment he's quietly hunched over his guitar, eyes closed, creating intimate soundscapes to highlight a lament or slow air, but in the blink of an eye he's stamping, shouting and leaping from the rafters in the spirit of a reel. His songs, stories and humor welcome and enthrall a crowd, helping them to discover that traditional music is best enjoyed among friends.