Decorating a Dance Hall - Paper Snowflakes

Lacy 3-D Snowflakes

01snow flakes1b"I first saw these snowflakes in a hospital waiting room. There were dozens of them, hanging from the ceiling, turning an otherwise dull space into a dramatically beautiful snowscape. They are amazingly easy to make." ~Martha

You will need:

1. 6 sheets of 8.5" x11" paper for each large snowflake, or 3 sheets for smaller ones
2. a pair of scissors
3. Scotch tape
4. Double-stick scotch tape
5. A stapler and staples

Step One: Fold the paper

Take one top corner and fold the paper on the diagonal, bringing the top edge exactly in line with the side edge. Make a crease.

To make the second fold, bring the other top corner to the other side edge, making a smaller triangle.

Trim the excess paper that extends beyond the triangle. You will end up with a square piece of paper.

Step Two: Cut the paper

Draw a line close to the edge with one fold. Cut from the edge with two folds, parallel to the cut edge of the paper, as shown in picture two below. Make four cuts, stopping when you get to the line you drew.

Step Three: Tape the corners together

The first picture shows the paper unfolded. The second picture shows the paper with the first points in the center taped together. After you tape the center points, turn the paper over. The third picture shows what the paper looks like when it is turned over. Tape the next points together, then turn the paper over again.

Tape the third points together and turn the paper over again. Finish the other points in the same way.

You have now completed the first spoke of the snowflake.

Step four: Repeat steps 1-3 five more times, so that you have 6 spokes.

Step five: Staple the snowflakes together

Line up 3 of the spokes, hold them by one end, and staple them together.

Then place two of these triplets facing each other, as shown in the picture to the left, and staple the two stapled ends together, as shown in the picture to the right..

Step six: Tape the spokes together

The final step is to tape the spokes together. The best way to do this is with double-sided scotch tape. The picture to the left shows the spokes before the taping, and the picture to the right shows the spokes after the taping.


Making the snowflakes from 6 pieces of typing paper makes huge snowflakes, which is great when you're going for a big effect. However, if you'd like smaller snowflakes, you can follow these same directions with smaller squares of paper. The smaller the paper, however, the more difficult they are to make.

A simple hanger can be made by using a paper clip. Simply bend the paper clip so there are two hooks. Add hole reinforcing circles where you put the hook through to reinforce the paper.

You can make the snowflakes in graduated sizes and then staple or tape them together, end on end, with the largest at the top, to make a wall hanging.